Price List and Terms

The prices are calculated based on the distance, the number of persons and the transfer type.


Here are the prices from and to the airports from St. Leon-Rot, Walldorf, Wiesloch. When transferring from and to other places there is an additional location charge.


NEW: form 1st of August 2023 onwards there is a 20€ pickup fee for pickups from all airports.


Please call us for other destinations and location charges.


Transfer Type Passengers Frankfurt Stuttgart Strassburg Baden
Single 1-3 138.00 220.00 183.00 154.00
4-7 179.00 275.00 231.00 194.00
VIP 1-3 176.00 280.00 234.00 197.00
4-7 229.00 351.00 294.00 247.00


Remarks: (for details see Terms and Conditions below)


1. These prices are only valid when booked through this website

2. For all bookings we additionally charge a handling fee of 5% of the total charges. Excepted are cash payment and payment through bank transaction for registered users.

3. NO-SHOWs will be charged in full, No-show from the airport at a minimum of 75,00 EUR

4. Waiting time will be charged 60,00 EUR per hour.

5. All Prices include 19% VAT.


Prices as at 2023 are subject to change without prior notice.

General Terms and Conditions

for the shuttle service of WOERNS TS GmbH


The contractual achievements of the Company WOERNS TS GmbH contain timely and save transportation of the booked number of persons with their luggage to their booked destination. Other requests for example single transfer or a certain type of motor vehicle is to state separately within a booking.
All dates and times stated below refer to Central European Time (CET).



The reservation takes place by completing and sending the booking form. The user is responsible for the contractual obligations of all participants specified within the booking form.
Each reservation will be confirmed upon reception by WOERNS TS GmbH.
Reservation and amendments can be carried out by office staff of WOERNS TS GmbH only. Our drivers are not permitted to accept bookings of or amendments or cancellations of any reservation.
WOERNS TS GmbH does not verify booked takeoff and arrival times. It is the user's responsibility to ensure correct times and dates.
Right of revocation: The user has the right to cancel bookings on due notice (see §7 CANCELLATION).



Transfer charges are based on the current price list.
The payment is due in full upon receipt of the reservation confirmation but at the latest at the start of the transportation. After full payment a receipt is issued to the customer.
Since our drivers do not carry a lot of change, especially in the night, the passengers are requested to pay the exact amount due.
For all bookings we additionally charge a handling fee of 5% of the total charges. Excepted are cash payment and payment through bank transaction for registered users.



The customer will be informed about the exact collection time in the confirmation e-mail. The Passenger is to be at the pick-up place in due time, since otherwise the right to transportation becomes void. WOERNS TS GmbH reserves the right to reschedule the collection time not later than 16:00h-20:00h on the day before the transportation up to 15 minutes. In case of a reschedule the passenger will be informed immediately by e-mail (or telephone if there is no known e-mail address).
Should no driver have reached the pick-up place upon the pick-up time, the customer shall be responsible to call the service hotline (+49 (6227) 3589222) immediately.
The passenger must be reachable by telephone during the pick-up period (15 minutes before to 15 minutes after the agreed date and time), otherwise the punctual collection cannot be guaranteed. The collection is considered as punctual, if it takes place within the pick-up period. If the collection does not take place within this period, then the customer has to inform WOERNS TS GmbH.



The pick-up times exclusively depend on the arrival time of the airplane given by the customer in the reservation.
The customer is obligated, to inform WOERNS TS GmbH immediately by telephone (+49 (6227) 3589222) about changes of the arrival time and flight number.
During arrival shifts or delays in air traffic, which cannot be communicated in time, the company WOERNS TS GmbH strives to collect the passenger nevertheless. Waiting time and NO SHOW of the passenger will be charged extra. In this case, however, a right to transportation does not exist.



Passengers will only be met at the official Meeting Point in the arrivals hall of the respective airport. Passengers arriving at Frankfurt/Main Airport will be met according to the flight schedule, either at the Meeting Point of Terminal 1, Hall B or at the Meeting Point of Terminal 2, Hall E.
Should the driver not be at the meeting point within 15 minutes of a scheduled landing, WÖRNS TS GmbH must be notified (+49 (6227) 3589222).


WÖRNS TS GmbH will be waiting for you at the meeting point approx. 30-60 minutes after the scheduled landing or 15 minutes after the arrival of the train. Should the passengers not be able to keep to these times, WÖRNS TS GmbH is to be informed (+49 (6227) 3589222).
Charges apply for waiting time beyond these 60 minutes (airport) or 15 minutes (train station). Waiting time is the time that elapses after the scheduled landing/arrival, regardless of whether it is caused by flight/train delays, baggage handling, passport and customs controls or any other reasons. The chargeable waiting time is charged at EUR 15.00 per quarter of an hour.
Passengers who do not appear at the agreed meeting point within 60 minutes of the scheduled landing are in principle not entitled to carriage (for charges see paragraph §7 NO-SHOW).




The dead line for changes and cancellation of a reservation is by 12:00h noon of the last working day before the day of transportation. WOERNS TS GmbH attempts to consider changes on shorter notice but is not obligated to do so.
Cancellations less than 3 hours before the agreed pick-up/landing time are considered and handled as NO-SHOW.

The cancellation fee for cancellations in due time is 5.00 EUR for online payments and 0.00 EUR for all other payment methods. The cancellation fee for cancellations not in due time is 75% of the full price.


For NO-SHOWs from an airport the full transport charges or 75.00 EUR whichever is larger becomes due. All other NO-SHOWs are charged in full.


For not announced detours because of forgotten articles or other reasons WOERNS TS GmbH reserves the right to an extra charge. WOERNS TS GmbH is not obligated to do such detours.



For each person one luggage item up to 20kg and one hand baggage may be carried. Additional luggage items or bulky goods must be declared during reservation, since otherwise these articles are exempted from any obligation to transport. WOERNS TS GmbH will calculate the extra charges upon request.
The transportation of dangerous, combustible, easily inflammatory, radioactive, foul-smelling or corrosive materials or not properly packed or unprotected articles or articles that exceed the car's loading capacity are not allowed.
Animals are transported only when properly declared upon reservation and only as single transfer.
Should a passenger pollute the vehicle beyond the usual, a fee of 150 EUR will be charged extra and WOERNS TS GmbH reserves the right to further claims.



WOERNS TS is liable for the deliberate act of negligence of the owner/the organs of the company WOERNS TS GmbH or leading employees, at culpable injury of life, body or health. Furthermore, WOERNS TS GmbH is liable for the deliberate act of negligence at breaking of substantial contract obligations limited to contract-typical, reasonably foreseeable damage. The liability for damages to property and body is limited the maximum coverage amount of the accident and liability insurance of WOERNS TS GmbH.
Further claims are not covered.
WOERNS TS disclaims liability for theft of luggage as well as for the consequences of delays due to traffic jams, slow traffic, act of God or unforeseeable vehicle malfunctions.



Claims from the transport contract expire after two years, as far as the law does not plan a compelling longer period of limitation.



The inefficacy of individual regulations does not entail the inefficacy of the entire general terms and conditions.

This contract is subject to change without prior notice.

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